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Cuando alguien me pregunta quién es mi cantante favorito el primero que siempre me viene a la mente es Chan Marshall. Es difícil describir cómo la voz puede afectarte, cuán intenso y fascinante es. La primera canción que escuché de ella fue Cross Bones Style y mis primeras impresiones fueron una especie de vibras de Sinead O'Connor/Beth Orton, pero ella está màs lejos. Su voz se precipita cuando menos te lo esperas y, en ocasiones puede ser francamente inquietante (como cuando ella comienza a gritar "We're already in hell" en la tremenda Moonshiner). Tiene el poder de congelar el tiempo y apuntalarte a tu asiento como nadie que haya escuchado. Es desgarrador y sexy, triste y alegre, todo a la vez. Es como si te apuñalara en el corazón y besara tu cuello mientras susurra hermosas historias tristes en tu oído.

Después de escuchar Cross Bones Style oí la canción Metal Heart en la 'red y eso fue todo. Yo sabía que tenía que comprar el álbum, y no me decepcionó. Se toma un tiempo para apreciar plenamente Moon Pix ya que es difícil ir. Las canciones no tienen estribillos como tal, y se forman libremente evolucionando a medida que avanzan. Algunos se destacan más que otros y en los que los Dirty Three intevienen son simplemente increíbles. Suena como música hecha en una especie de trance hipnótico y magnífico.
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Whenever someone asks me who my favourite singer(s) is/are the first one that always comes into my mind is Chan Marshall. Cat Power is Chan and whatever musicians she happens to be working with at the time and a lot of the time its just her on her own. Its hard to describe just how her voice can affect you, how intense and spellbinding it is. The first song I heard of hers was Cross Bones Style and my first impressions were a kind of Sinead O'Connor/Beth Orton vibe but theres more to her than that. Her voice swoops up when you least expect it and at times can be downright eerie (like when she starts hollering "We're already in hell" on the tremendous Moonshiner). It has the power to freeze time and pin you to your seat like no one else I've heard. It's heartbreaking and sexy, sad and joyous all at once. It's like she's stabbing you in the heart and kissing your neck while whispering beautiful sad stories in your ear.

After I heard Cross Bones Style I heard the song Metal Heart on the 'net and that was it. I knew I HAD to buy this album, and I was not disappointed. It takes a while to fully appreciate Moon Pix as it is quite hard going. The songs have no choruses as such, they are very free form and just kind of evolve as they go along. Some stand out more than others and the ones with the Dirty Three playing back up with her are just amazing. It sounds like music made in some kind of trance, hypnotising and gorgeous. She uses a nice technique of double tracking her voice for backing vocals on some songs as well which sounds beautiful.

Although she has since gone on to be more popular and dare I say commercial(?) with albums like You Are Free and The Greatest I find it hard to see her ever topping this. This will always have a special place in my heart as this was the album that seduced me and led me to proclaim her the greatest solo artist alive and one of the most stunning talents in music full stop. OK so I may have got a little carried away with the "greatest alive" statement but I still count this album as one of my absolute favourites and, just give this bewitching album time and you too will fall for its otherworldly charms.

Writen by The Eyeball Kid

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