YBO² - Alienation

YBO2 (pronounced ee-boh ee-boh). A reckless, neo-progressive, psychedelic power troupe. YBO2’s predominantly self-released canon remains largely unavailable in the West. In a sense, the floating line-up represents an inverse supergroup...when they stopped playing in 1990ish (they reformed 10 years later but it didn't work out) it's members went their seperate ways and made some of the greatest music ever. Drummer Tatsuya Yoshida masterminded the hypercomplex duo Ruins (who originally featured another YBO2 alumnus, guitarist-bassist Hideki Kawamoto) and is a member of Koenjihyakkei, Korekyojinn, Musica Transonic and various Acid Mothers' projects. Original YBO2 guitarist Michio Kurihara abused his wah-wah in the esteemed White Heaven, played with Marble Sheep, currently participates in Ghost and has recorded and played with Boris. Kazuyuki Kishino has hammered out a host of crude avant-metal and ambient works both on his own as K.K. Null and Null and with Zeni Geva and Absolut Null Punkt. Chu Ishikawa created the score to Shinya Tsukamoto's groundbreaking film Tetsuo the Iron Man. Hiroshi Hasegawa created Astro and C.C.C.C. It is even rumoured that, at times, the group included Masami Akita (yeah, that Merzbow bloke). I can not believe that there is a group that has ever spawned such genius! Bleak Bliss
*(no encontré mucha info menos en español, so,, si te gusta Neu!..)
A1 Amerika
A2 猟奇歌
B1 Boys of Bedlam
B2 To Be (帝国の逆襲)
B3 Heavy Waters
B4 Ural

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